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 There  is much talk about the artist process, here is a glimpse of mine. Time spent in the studio is quality time for me. Even if nothing comes of it. I mean I paint and sometimes I don't produce a painting.


 The stresses of life just melt away in the studio and six hours seem like fifteen minutes. My work has naturally evolved in the last five years and I am now drawn to more minimal modern art.



 I find it relaxing to have these paintings in my home. I am usually overstimulated by all the images, noise and events around me so quiet reflective minimal art is good for my well being. I admire painters such as Rothko and lately Christian Hetzel. The less is more approach.


I rarely sketch out my ideas on paper but prefer to get right to painting. It's trial and error really,  adding layers of paint and perhaps scraping away again. I just paint and look for a direction to go. It's a very intuitive process.


There you have it. Until next time, Keep Painting. Regards Gordon

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