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So this will be my first crack at blogging. Being that I am somewhat of a reclusive introvert,  I haven't felt the urge to communicate my thoughts on painting before. So here's the thing. It seem's to me that galleries 
like or want you to paint in series



Also the other kind of unwritten rule is paint BIG. Now I am ok with both of those requests. The only thing I have trouble with is being put in a category.


They (The Galleries) want to label you. Such as Impressionist, Abstract expressionist, Landscape artist. etc.  I want to be all of those things. I really just paint whatever grabs me at the time. Lately I am really taken with rather modern,  minimalist, Rothko style paintings. So there is probably a series there for me.


But that mean's that I am not really building a portfolio of paintings which are all in the same genre. Which may translate into less sales.


If my art isn't embraced by people I always feel better when I think of other painters in history such asVanGogh who sold very few if any paintings in his life time. Painters infinitely more talented than I will ever be.


When I see other painters on Saatchi on line who have sold 60 or 70 grand worth of their paintings they all have a portfolio of paintings pretty much in one style or theme. Money isn't the motivation behind my painting, but is a factor to continue painting as canvas and good quality paint's are expensive. So that's my observation for what it's worth. If anyone out there has any comment's I would love to hear from you. Thank-you G.

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