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Ok fun seekers here's the New's.

After much thought and procrastination I am moving in a New direction with my painting.

I am going to explore minimal, modern, urban, colourfields.  Well you get the picture. I removed my facebook profile as I found it a waste of precious time and also constantly annoying. So I find after several weeks of peace and calm and the absence of the constant barrage of images and nonesense, my paintings are reflecting the results. Who Knew???  Please watch this space for new paintings. I really feel great about this change. My first impulse was to delete all of my old paintings but realize some people actually like them and some have even bought a few. lol. So calm will prevail and the old paintings are here to stay until they all find homes. In the mean time I hope my New paintings will bring you some joy and a moments peace in this hectic life.

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